drama olympics budding theatre canberra


A fun competition for young actors and speakers

What is it?

The Drama Olympics is a fun competition for talented actors and speakers ages 7-19. Young performers will have the opportunity to perform either individually (monologues/speeches) or in a group (short plays/scenes) and compete for awards in various categories.

When is it?

The Drama Olympics event will take place at 5.30pm on Saturday 29 September at the Courtyard, Canberra Theatre Centre. A technical rehearsal will take place from 3-5pm on the same day.

What are the categories?

The awards are divided into age categories: 7-10, 11-14 and 15-19. Within each category, there will be an Individual Award and Group Award. Entrants may enter any of the following:

  • MONOLOGUE (performance of established monologue in any genre)
  • ORIGINAL MONOLOGUE (monologue written by the performer – any genre)
  • PERSUASIVE SPEECH (written by the performer on a topic or issue that interests them)
  • SHORT PLAY/SCENE/SKETCH (established piece from theatre/TV)
  • ORIGINAL SHORT PLAY/SCENE/SKETCH (written/devised by the group or a performer in the group)

What are the time limits?

  • Ages 6-10: 1-2 minutes (monologue/speech) or 2-5 minutes (scene/sketch/play)
  • Ages 11-14: 1-3 minutes (monologue/speech) or 3-6 minutes (scene/sketch/play)
  • Ages 15-19: 2-5 minutes (monologue/speech) or 4-10 minutes (scene/sketch/play)

Note: the focus is on quality, not quantity; performers who go over time will lose points.


Who will judge?

We will invite several guest judges who are experienced actors/public speakers/directors. Performances will be scored holistically out of 10 based on:

  • Acting / speaking skills including control of voice, expression, gesture, etc.
  • Creativity (for monologue/play) or persuasiveness (for speech)
  • Audience engagement (is the audience engaged/enthralled/entertained?)
  • Presentation including appropriate costume / smart speaking outfit
  • The X factor: confidence and charisma

We are focused on the performance so please keep any props or set pieces to a minimum.

How do I enter? What is the deadline?

Performers have two options:

  • Audition by midnight August 15 (free) by completing the form below and adding a link to an audition video OR if performing as a group and it is not possible to film the play/scene, complete the form below as usual but also email the script to submissions@buddingtheatre.com by August 15.
  • Attend a public speaking workshop ($45) on August 18 for coaching and direct entry.


Option 1: AUDITION (free) If you have a monologue/play/speech prepared, please complete the form below to register to audition.

Name of parent/guardian (required if performer is under 18). If you are over 18, please put the name of your emergency contact here. *
Name of parent/guardian (required if performer is under 18). If you are over 18, please put the name of your emergency contact here.
Agreement: I understand that the Youth Drama Olympics will be profiled in the media and I give permission for myself / my under 18 child to be photographed and/or videoed for promotional purposes. I understand that the Youth Drama Olympics is a family friendly event. I commit to taking responsibility for myself (if over 18) or my child (under 18) in ensuring that instructions from organisers and backstage crew are followed to ensure a safe and family friendly environment. This includes family-friendly material on stage and appropriate behaviour backstage. (If you are entering on behalf of an under 18 group, please indicate that all members of the group and their parents are aware of this condition of entry.) *

Option 2: PUBLIC SPEAKING WORKSHOP ($45) on Saturday 15 August.
- Option to enrol and focus on speech, monologue or other performance type