By Louisa May Alcott, directed by Kirsty Budding and Glynis Stokes

Little Women Budding Theatre Canberra

“I want to do something splendid...something heroic or wonderful that won't be forgotten after I'm dead. I don't know what, but I'm on the watch for it and mean to astonish you all someday.” 


In this new adaptation of Little Women, the first part of the play will feature the March sisters as young children and the second part will feature the March sisters as young women. The ages indicated are playing ages. The production is open to young performers ages 6-20 (ages listed below for characters are playing ages rather than actual ages required).

The March Sisters and their neighbour, Laurie (Young)
•    Margaret "Meg" March (around age 12)
•    Josephine "Jo" March (around age 10)
•    Elizabeth "Beth" March (around age 8)
•    Amy Curtis March (around age 6)
•    Laurie, the boy next door (age 11)

The March Sisters and their neighbour, Laurie (Older)
•    Margaret "Meg" March (around age 22)
•    Josephine "Jo" March (around age 20)
•    Elizabeth "Beth" March (around age 18)
•    Amy Curtis March (around age 16)
•    Laurie (age 21)

Other key characters
•    Mrs March (Mother)
•    Mr March (Father)
•    Aunt Josephine March (Mr. March's aunt, a rich widow).
•    Hannah Mullet (The March family maid and cook, their only servant.)
•    Aunt Carrol (wealthy Aunt of the March girls)
•    Uncle Carrol (wealthy Uncle of the March girls)
•    James Lawrence (Laurie’s grandfather and wealthy neighbour of the March family)
•    John Brooke (Laurie’s tutor who falls in love with Meg)
•    Professor Friedrich Bhaer (a German professor who falls in love with Jo)
•    Fred Vaughan (A Harvard friend of Laurie's who, in Europe, courts Amy.)
•    Mr. Dashwood (Publisher and editor of the Weekly Volcano)
•    Mr. Davis (The cruel schoolteacher at Amy's school)
•    Susie Perkins (A sweet girl at Amy's school)
•    May Chester (A rich girl in Amy’s school who is jealous of Amy)
•    Mrs. Chester (A well-to-do family with whom the Marches are acquainted.) 
•    Mrs Hummel and her children including sons and daughers (a poor German family); The March family helps them but Beth March contracts scarlet fever while caring for them).

•    Mrs Kirke and children (Mrs. Kirke is a friend of Mrs. March's who runs a boarding house in New York. She employs Jo as governess to her two daughters, Kitty and Minnie.)

Running time of the production is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.



Friday 10 August 5.30-7.30pm
Friday 17 August 5.30-7.30pm
Friday 24 August 5.30-7.30pm
Friday 31 August 5.30-8.30pm
Friday 7 September 5.30-8.30pm OFF SCRIPT
Friday 14 September 5.30-7.30pm
Friday 21 September 5.30-7.30pm
Monday 24 September 6-9pm DRESS/TECH at theatre

Venue: Playing Field Studio, 2 Kingsley St, Acton
Note: not all performers will be needed for all times but times will be within hours listed above.
Older performers and/or leads may be requested to stay later on some Fridays as late as 9pm;
this will be advised in advance. Additional rehearsals may be requested and negotiated as required.



Tuesday 25 September 6pm
Wednesday 26 September 6pm
Friday 28 September 6pm
Saturday 29 September 10am

Venue: Courtyard Theatre, Canberra Theatre Centre



Auditionees who are successful and are offered and accept a role in Little Women are required to pay a $65 costume fee at the first rehearsal. This covers:

  • Budding Theatre official cast T-shirt (recommended to be worn at rehearsals and for promotional photos)
  • Historical costume which the performer will keep after the show

This will be payable at the first rehearsal.

Performers are asked to provide their own shoes e.g. black shoes for boys and ballet flats/jazz shoes/plain shoes that match costume for girls and boys/young men may also be asked to provide black trousers to match costumes. Please view the measurement charts carefully as correct sizes are required in the audition form.

>>> View size charts <<<


Auditions are via video with a deadline of midnight 30 July 2018.

There are TWO components required (please put BOTH in ONE VIDEO):

1. Auditionees must perform a monologue of 1-2 minute of their choice. This may be in any accent as the focus here is on your performance skills. Choose something you can perform confidently. Please ensure the audio & lighting are clear.
2. Auditionees must also perform a short scene with an off-screen scene partner. The scene required is located here. Turn on the captions to read the lines. Female auditionees should perform the female lines and ask a family member or friend to read in the male lines from off camera, and vice versa for male auditionees. The focus here is on your ability to replicate the accent from the video and also your natural and engaging performance. It is not necessary for your off-screen partner to use an accent; it is only the auditionee's accent and performance that is assessed.



Initial auditions are via video (due midnight July 30); in some cases, actors may be invited to an in-person call-back audition. Actors must:

  1. Film themselves performing a 1-2 minute monologue with clear audio AND performing the scene located here with an off-screen partner reading in the other lines (female auditionees should perform the female lines and ask a family member or friend to read in the male lines from off camera, and vice versa for male auditionees; the director is interested in your ability to replicate the accent from the video and also your natural and engaging performance of the character).
  2. Upload the video to an online location (we recommend YouTube; here are instructions on how to create an unlisted video so that it is not listed publicly but is available to those who have the link. DO NOT SET AS PRIVATE as we will not be able to view it. Also, the PDF contains instructions for subtitles but do not do this part).
  3. Complete the audition submission form below, including your general details, biography (in third person, to be used in the show program) and your measurements for costuming purposes.
  4. Add the link to the correct space in the audition submission form.
  5. Click submit! You will be emailed an outcome in the week after the closing date of midnight Monday 30 July.


Little Women Budding Theatre Canberra
Name of performer *
Name of performer
Name of parent/guardian (required if performer is under 18). If you are over 18, you should write the name of an emergency contact here. *
Name of parent/guardian (required if performer is under 18). If you are over 18, you should write the name of an emergency contact here.
Put "no" if none.
Select the size for your T shirt (after viewing size chart)
Please specify based on size charts e.g. Adult male Small / Child Female Medium. Females with adult sizes please put their usual Aus dress size plus measurements for waist, bust and waist to floor.
Agreement *
To ensure a safe and harmonious environment, all performers in Budding Theatre productions must follow instructions from management, staff and crew. Performers, including those over 18, must abide by the professional, appropriate and family-friendly expectations of the company; inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Performers must stay within supervised spaces and parents/guardians should collect children under 18 from rehearsals and shows. If parents/guardians give permission for their under 18 to leave the supervised space e.g. in order to catch a bus or walk home, the company will not be liable for any incidents that may occur outside of the supervised space and times. Parents/guardians of performers under 18 and performers over 18 agree that they will accept liability where an incident occurs as a result of their child / themselves not following instructions. Budding Theatre reserves the right to remove a performer from the production if they do not meet the expectations of the company. Budding Theatre also reserves the right to take, hold copyright and distribute photography/videography of performers for company promotional purposes.