In the second half of 2019, Budding Theatre will expand to include a talent management agency to assist a small number of exceptional young performers to find professional acting work on stage and screen.

“I have sometimes been so in awe of a young performer that I have wished that more people could see how talented they are - that their talent is deserving of a wider audience. I’ve thought, “Wow - that emotion: you should be on a cinema screen!” or “Wow, you’re so hilarious… I wish I could give you a bigger stage.” This is the challenge I have set for myself this year. To ensure that those I represent have my full attention and energy so that I can focus on sourcing opportunities, I will initially represent just five actors. I will only represent those who I believe are truly talented, capable of excelling in auditions and following directions in a skilled and professional manner. The aim is to secure acting roles rather than modelling work, so I am not seeking ‘pretty faces’, but genuine and rare acting talent. Representation will be by invitation to performers aged 18 and under known to me through Budding Theatre classes, holiday programs and open productions, and I aim to announce the first five actors of the agency by October.”

- Kirsty Budding