A new play by Greg Gould, directed by Cate Clelland

The Inheritance Budding Theatre Canberra Cate Clelland Greg Gould Kirsty Budding Jess Waterhouse Linda Chen John Kelly Rob Defries Vivien Murray Alexandra Howard Erin Stiles Victoria Hopkins Martha Russell Glynis Stokes Patrick Galen-Mules Andrew Howes Vivek Sharma Ashleigh Robinson Craig Muller Belconnen Theatre

The Inheritance
Belconnen Theatre Aug 16-19, 2017


When billionaire Les Essington dies while having sex with his mistress, his estranged daughter, Gina Essington, is forced to put her medical career on hold to come home for the will reading. Gathering at the office of John Lauder, her father’s lawyer and long-time friend, the reading should be straightforward. However, proceedings quickly unravel as Gina’s sisters, socialite-princess Emily and stern CEO Amanda, descend into a war of words. Things get even trickier when her distraught mother, ageing socialite Di, locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out. Forced to communicate with her siblings for the first time in years, Gina begins to realise that her father, though not a perfect man, was the lynch-pin that held the family together.


Written by Greg Gould | Directed by Cate Clelland

GINA ESSINGTON         Linda Chen
EMILY ESSINGTON          Jess Waterhouse
AMANDA ESSINGTON      Alexandra Howard
DI ESSINGTON               Victoria Hopkins
LES ESSIGNTON             John Kelly
JOHN LAUDER                 Rob Defries
PAUL                             Vivek Sharma
YOUNG GINA                  Erin Stiles
YOUNG EMILY                 Vivien Murray
YOUNG AMANDA             Martha Russell



DIRECTOR                      Cate Clelland
PRODUCER                     Kirsty Budding
STAGE MANAGER            Glynis Stokes
LIGHTING DESIGNER       Andrew Snell
TECHNICAL OPERATORS    Ashleigh Robinson & Craig Muller
FRONT OF HOUSE     Stephen Coote, Bridgette Kucher 




The Inheritance Budding Theatre Canberra
Rob Defries as lawyer John Lauder.jpg
Budding Theatre Canberra The Inheritance by Greg Gould directed by Cate Clelland