Jasper Jones Budding Theatre Canberra

Budding Theatre presents


by Kate Mulvany
Based on the novel by Craig Silvey
Directed by Glynis Stokes

Canberra Theatre Centre 2-5 October 2019

It’s summer 1965 in a small, hot town in Western Australia.

Overseas, war is raging in Vietnam, Civil Rights marches are on the streets, and women’s liberation is stirring – but at home in Corrigan, Charlie Bucktin dreams of writing the Great Australian Novel.

Charlie’s 14 and smart. But when 16- year-old, constantly-in-trouble Jasper Jones appears at his window one night, Charlie’s out of his depth. Jasper has stumbled upon a terrible crime in the scrub nearby, and he knows he’s the first suspect – that goes with the colour of his skin.

He needs every ounce of Charlie’s bookish brain to help solve this awful mystery before the town turns on Jasper.

Whether you know the book or not, this piercing adaptation is very much worth seeing for the way it depicts – and shows ways across – some of the deep and enduring divides in our society." - Jason Blake SMH.


*Please note, listed ages are character ages, not the age of actors being cast. The director is open to casting women in traditional male roles and may cast actors in their teens or twenties for teen characters.*

Charlie Bucktin – a bookish 13-year-old boy
Jasper Jones – an always in trouble Indigenous 16-year-old boy
Laura Wishart – a dead 15-year-old girl NO LONGER ACCEPTING AUDITION BOOKINGS (FULL)
Eliza Wishart – Laura’s mysterious 14-year-old sister NO LONGER ACCEPTING AUDITION BOOKINGS (FULL)
Jeffrey Lu – Charlie’s Vietnamese next door neighbour, best friend and cricket fanatic (13 year old boy)
Mrs Bucktin – Charlie’s mother (35-40 year old woman)
Mr Bucktin – Charlie’s father (40-45 year old man)
Mad Jack – The scariest bloke in town (60 year old man)
Warwick – the town bully (15 year old boy)
Officer – philanderer (30s – 40s yea roll man)
Pissing man – man who pisses (18+)
Mrs Lu – Jeffrey’s mother (voice only)


Production Team

Director Glynis Stokes
Assistant Director Hayden Crosweller
Assistant Director Lydia Milosavljevic
Technical Manager Ashleigh Robinson
Stage Manager Hannah Miller
Producer Kirsty Budding

Audition Information

Audition dates: Friday 2nd (6pm-8pm) & Saturday 3rd (1pm-6pm) of August, Auditions will take place over 15 minute intervals so please note your preferred date and time/s when booking. Auditionees will be notified of casting by Wednesday 7th of August.

Please book early to secure your preferred time.

Audition venue is Playing Fields Studio 2 Kingsley St, Acton ACT 2601.

Please note due to the nature of this show, all auditionees under 18 must have parental permission.

To learn more, download the audition pack…