Nothing Is Sacred (July 2014)

This fantastic showcase featured satirical and comedic plays by John Lombard, Greg Gould, Angus Algie, Kate Roediger, Josh Collins, Raphael Kabo, Arne Sjostedt and Kirsty Budding. Directors Rachel Hogan, Sebastian Chan, Domenic Mico and Kate Clark brought the scripts to life in collaboration with a talented cast, earning four Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Award nominations.

CAT Award Nominations

Best Production of a Variety Show

Best Original Work for Kirsty Budding's script ‘Teach Me to Care’ 

Best Actress for Cara Irvine in ‘Teach Me to Care’ and ‘For the Love of My Country’ 

Best Contribution by a Senior for Phil Birch-Marston