Paper Cuts Kirsty Budding Canberra Theatre


Elaine Noon performs Mother to an Adult Daughter
Phillip Mackenzie in Gertrude's Sweetheart
Nick Steain performs Gym Selfies
Jess McHenry performs Running into the Ex & Awwww
Rob Defries performs The Director’s Pep Talk
Emy Obinna performs Skype
Austen Saunders performs Don’t Leave Me
Arianna Cansdell performs The Honest Estate Agent
John Lombard performs The Smitten Scientist
Glynis Stokes performs Just Browsing
Ruth Richards performs Aleksandr
Madeline Woods performs Please Accept my Resignation
Alexander Costello performs Love Thy Neighbour
Eta Rogoyska performs Unwanted Gadgets
Nigel Palfreman performs Hairspray Island
Brenton Cleaves performs The Law Student
Barbi Jones performs Aunty Austen
Elaine Noon performs Caravan Dreams
Helen Way performs Disturbed Dance Instructor
Cara Irvine performs Not Creepy
Karla Bogaart performs Enabler
Jaslyn Mairs performs Bitch
Peter Fock performs Date Night
Robin Davidson performs The Principal's Address
Joan White performs Grandma's Sex Advice
Patrick Galen-Mules performs The Actor
Glynis Stokes performs Beach Blues
Christopher Ritchie performs The CEO
Cameron Thomas performs Things I Hate