ONE NIGHT ONLY - Saturday 14th December, Belconnen Theatre


a diverse range of ROLES at different EXPERIENCE levels

About ‘THE 100’
Join us for the red carpet launch of ‘The 100’, a new series of monologues written and directed by Kirsty Budding, performed for the first time by 100 very talented actors ages 5-19. ‘The 100’ comprises three youth productions: ‘Family & Fairytales’, ‘Coolness & the Classics’ and ‘Bitter Sweet Originals’, corresponding to parts 1-3 of the new book THE 100: New Monologues For Young Actors - Inspired by Family, Fairytales, Classic Characters and this Bitter Sweet Thing Called Life - with Inspiration Notes to Guide you to Greatness. A tour of the book - including launches in theatre schools in the UK and the US - is planned for 2020.

About the Author
Kirsty Budding loves to write for the stage (and does it quite often). So far in 2019, she has written an adaptation of Pride of Prejudice, a youth adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, and six short plays for young performers. Her book of adult monologues Paper Cuts: Comedic & Satirical Monologues for Audition or Performance won the 2018 ACT Writing and Publishing Award for Fiction and had two Australian productions followed by a US release. Her second collection THE 100 is a wide-ranging collection written to challenge, entertain and inspire young performers, and is informed by her experience teaching drama and directing youth theatre.


The 100 Performers

Have their name printed in the book as part of the original cast
Receive one-on-one direction
Receive a free signed copy of the book
Receive a free digital copy of their performance
A few performers will have their photograph (in character) featured in the book (see a preview of the style here)
All performers are required to attend a whole cast photoshoot of The 100 in costume


What are the roles?

The roles are wide-ranging, from magical fairies to normal school kids coping with everyday pressures and everything in between. Some monologues are adaptations of characters from classic fiction while others are ‘bitter sweet originals’. The monologue lengths vary from only half a minute for 5-year-olds to up to six minutes for performers ages 15-19.


Seeking young actors ages 5-19 who…

ENJOY acting for the stage and are eager to do more on an individual level
Are motivated to learn lines, take direction, develop their performance and participate fully in an exciting theatre event!


Audition & Production Timeline

In September - register (below) to receive audition monologues
October 1 - audition monologues sent via email; performers have 2 weeks to select a monologue and prepare their audition
October 14 - audition videos due (instructions will be included in email)
October 27 - CAST ANNOUNCEMENT across social media!
In November & December - rehearsals - (times flexible) and photoshoot/video promotion
December 14 - Red carpet event!

Rehearsals will take place in November and early December.
Kirsty will run various blocks each week (on weekdays outside of school hours and weekends);
performers/parents select which block works best for them. Time commitment 15-30 minutes each session.
Performers need to come prepared with monologue printed and a pencil to write direction notes.
Performers must be happy to participate in photoshoots/media as required in November.


Event tickets released 1 November via Budding Theatre $33 adult / $22 concession.
Includes red carpet photos! Bar available for drinks purchases.


Show Times Saturday 14th December

5pm: Family & Fairytales - ages 5-9 (Red carpet photos 4.45pm)
6.30pm: Coolness & the Classics - ages 10-13 (Red carpet photos 6.15pm)
8.15pm: Bitter Sweet Originals - ages 14-19 (Red carpet photos 8pm)


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Performer's name